In 1918, the Lincoln Highway Association published the third edition of The Complete and Official Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway.  Although this Guide had comprehensive mileage statistics and road conditions from town to town, no maps pertinent to any Ohio locations were added to accompany those texts.  However, for the nominal fee of 25 cents each, selections from a series of thirty strip maps could be purchased from the Association to provide a welcome supplement to the Guide information.

 Copied herewith is all the pertinent information from the three strip maps which cover the Lincoln Highway in Ohio.  This includes Section 5 from Pittsburgh to Canton, Section 6 from Canton to Upper Sandusky, and Section 7 from Upper Sandusky to Fort Wayne.  Each strip map also featured details of several locations where downtown turning movements were critical to follow the coast-to-coast route.  These detail items have been isolated and rearranged for study at this web site.

 Because I received these map images several years after preparing A History and Road Guide of the Lincoln Highway in Ohio, there are some minor route variations which may not be covered in that work.  Ironically, one of those variations is through the author's home town of Lima, which frustratingly seems to have a different Lincoln Highway route in every reference that I happen to see.  In the 1918 version, the Lincoln Highway approaches Lima's Public Square from the east on Market Street, after a jog at Jackson Street from High Street.  The route then follows five downtown streets in a zigzag pattern before finally leaving Lima in a northerly direction—Main, North, Elizabeth, McKibben, and West.

 These map images are from the collection of Lincoln Highway Association member Russell Rein of Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Section 5

Section 6

Section 7